Financial Planning

Everyone heard about traditional financial planning and most people have very similar attitude to it - boring but unavoidable. It is pretty simple, actually, to evaluate the amounts you earn and estimate the sums that can be left aside as well as invested somewhere in order to secure future plans.

Surely, not all people bother about financial planning at all - many just go as the river flows and accept the fact of taxes and bills as a given at this point of one’s life. However, there is a group of people who takes a bit different approach that is called life planning, and it concerns not just finances.

What is different about financial planning is that it presupposes only money and concerns about its presence and abundance. When it comes to life planning, it is a much broader issue and involves pretty considerable change of many things in a man’s life with the purpose of achieving some later and satisfying result. It is, basically, the creation of a strategy of dream realization.


Lifestyle is something we chose for ourselves; however, a lot of things can influence our decisions, other people examples, for instance. We may develop a liking to idealistic lifestyle similar to the ones successful corporate managers were able to accomplish; or we may choose absolutely different thing and would dream of a cabin in the woods with a garage for crafting instead of going on with law consulting.

The latter group is puts much more emphasis on spirituality and creativity as well as emotional aspect of their life and these people are more concerned about being content after they retire than about being financially successful.


Surely, any of the plans are impossible to accomplish without planning, financial - in the first place. However, it is going to take different turns with regards to a goal pursued. People with the goal of retiring in luxury will put more effort in having best things when there is chance, getting property and vehicles and clothes and saving for a house in Costa Rica. Others will get a cheaper car and a smaller house all with the purpose of being able to start doing what they really love when they retire.


Not all people have a privilege to think about retirement as bliss, others just retire; or they do not and go on working to keep up with all the expenses. However, it all is up to a simple question how much of a lifestyle change a person is ready for in order to make their dream come true.