Terms, Privacy and Conditions of Use

UstarCash.com represents a company-mediator that is neither a financial company nor a direct lender. Short-loan data that is provided on the pages of the website serves the purposes of third-party services representation.

UstarCash.com serves as a matching company between a borrower and direct independent direct company lenders from the range of our network. By going through our online registration process a customer gets matched with the most appropriate financial providers with regards to their request.


The maximum short-term loan amount that can be offered by the majority of our partner lenders is $1000, however, we cannot guarantee that you will be approved for this exact amount. Loan decisions are taken by the lenders always.

We cannot provide any information with regards to loan rates and fees that are involved in the loan process. Neither can we provide any information about APR; different states and different lenders have different APR with regards to legislation and other factors. Make sure you learned about rates and fees as well as other loan-related information before the actual loan agreement is signed.


We only provide services for people over 18 years of age who are the U.S. residents. By using our service you confirm that aforementioned terms and agree to comply with them.

Note: Mind that in accordance with the existing prohibitive regulations the following states' residents (including but not limited to) are not eligible for our service: New York, West Virginia, Arkansas, Georgia, Arizona, New Jersey, Vermont).

It is possible that our partner lenders can perform credit checks to reveal information about the potential creditworthiness of a customer. It is also possible that lenders can carry out security checks.


By filling in the registration form you consent and accept our terms and conditions and you also accept that we are not a financial company and carry no financail obligations. Neither are we responsible any damages incurred in the course of the loan process between you and a lender we matched you with. As soon as you register with us we take it as a request to be matched with the relevant lender upon your request.

Limitation of Liability and Disputes

In case of any types of dadmage to take place in case of the interaction between a lender and a borrower, mind that can be due to the usage of the the website of the third party. As long as we are not the direct loan provider, customers are to deal with the lender directly. In case of a dispute, the latter is to be resolved on the level of the state as we have no licence or juridicial right to resolve such issues.

Privacy Policy

Our company complies with all federal and state laws and upon your agreement to use our website you state that you comply with our privacy policy rules and accept them.

Personally and not personally identifiable information: Upon dealing with the data you provide we classify all information as personally identifiable information (PII). All the information you provide upon registration is treated in this manner. Under PII we understand the personal information such as your first and your last name, your address and your last name, your address and your phone number, your SSN, DOB and employment account/income details. We can share your personally identifiable information with some third parties in cases when we need to verify your identity in the national database.

NOTE: The details related to your bank account info and SSN are never shared with any third parties unless such information is required by authoritative or governmental organizations.

Marketing Practices

Your registration via our service is regarded as a request to match you with the relevant lender from our database. By filling in an online application you also give your consent for receiving our marketing advertising and materials as well as the ones form our lender partners.

NOTE: Provided that you are unwilling to be contacted in any of the ways described above, you able to opt-out.

Responsible Lending Policy

The lenders in our network are all reputable and experienced financial companies that follow the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Truth in Lending Act. Violation by any of these lenders the aforementioned guidelines leads to their immediate removal from our partner network.


Your application serves as an agreement to the terms and conditions and privacy policy you read. It also means that you understand and accept how all electronic transaction are carried out. Upon beinf mathed with appropriate lender you wil be asked to provide electronic consent that may ne necessary for e-signature and other ways of electronic communication.

Incuries and Complaints

In case of any inquries, complaints and feedbacks with regards to our service you can contact our customer service by support@ustarcash.com.